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Wealth Management


Taking time to learn what’s important to you and applying a thoughtful understanding of life’s unique challenges is critical to long term planning. We take a consultative approach to investing for our clients. Your investment plan will be designed specifically for you. Our sole focus is the achievement of your financial goals.

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Preparing for Retirement


Life often gets in the way of retirement planning but taking a little time now can make a huge difference later. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Together, we can make a plan for getting you on track to live the life you want when you retire.

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Paying for Education


Since the cost of education continues to rise, the earlier you start saving for your children’s education the better. Giving your kids the opportunity to attend college is a dream held by many and achieving this financial goal is absolutely attainable with a little bit of planning. Let us help you engineer a strategy that works for you.

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Leaving a Legacy


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Your legacy includes more than simply leaving assets for the next generation. Your legacy is the unique stamp you put on your family’s future. Thoughtful planning is an essential part of leaving a meaningful legacy and may include the development of your estate plan as well as the use of life insurance, disability insurance and long term care coverage. We’ll help by building a protective fence around your assets.

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Business Planning


At Community Financial Services Group, we work with business owners as their companies grow to address today’s needs as well as help plan for their future. Whether it involves your employee benefits, executive planning or something as important as succession planning, we’ll work with you to help maximize the value of your staff and your business.

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Preparing for the Unexpected


No matter what stage of life or situation you are in, unforeseen events can happen to anyone, which is why it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. We can work with you to identify the main risks and a strategy for handling them in the unlikely event you have to.

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And any other goals you may have.


Whatever your financial dreams are, we can help you achieve them. Whether you are considering a major purchase, coming into new wealth, getting close to retirement, or you just want to prepare for whatever your future holds, we’re here for you. We just want to serve you. When you talk, we listen.